Rabbits as pets: what to expect

Keeping rabbits as petsRabbits are very popular pets. Between 1% and 2% of US households have at least one rabbit living with them. But what’s it like keeping rabbits as pets?

Most rabbits are fun creatures that are gentle and good to be around. Some rabbits can be a little aggressive, but this can often be helped by having your pet spayed or neutered. It’s always important to remember that rabbits are individuals, just like people are. If you have a pet rabbit then you need to take time to get to know it and learn about its likes and dislikes.

If you’re new to keeping rabbits as pets you may be wondering what to expect. Or maybe you don’t have a rabbit yet and you’re trying to decide whether to get one.

We’re going to tell you some of the things it’s useful to know if you have a pet rabbit, and talk about how great having rabbits as pets can be. [Continue reading]

Are rabbits herbivores?

What do rabbits eat?

If you have a rabbit as a pet then it’s good to want to know as much about it as you can. The more you know about your bunny, the better you can take care of it. Knowledgeable and good care is important. The average life span of a rabbit is … [Continue reading]

Breeding Rabbits

How to breed rabbits

Breeding rabbits can be amazing but it can also be emotionally draining. The first thing to note is that many baby rabbits (kittens) do not live past the weaning stage. It’s not unusual for a whole litter of baby rabbits to die, especially if it’s … [Continue reading]

How long do rabbits live?

How long do rabbits live

If you’re thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet then you may be wondering: "how long do rabbits live?". Like any pet, before committing to care for them, you'll want to know how long you’re likely to have your pet bunny. That’s why we're going to … [Continue reading]

Types of Rabbits

Three different types of rabbit

If you think all rabbits are the same, then we have news for you... there are more than fifty different types of rabbits, and within each rabbit breed there are different varieties. Rabbits come in lots of shapes and sizes, in different … [Continue reading]

Where do rabbits live?

Where do rabbits live?

Rabbits like to have a home where they can eat, sleep and chill out. This is the same for rabbits living in the wild and for pet rabbits. But where are these homes and what are they like? Where do rabbits live?  In this article, we look at where … [Continue reading]

“Rabbits for Sale!”: A guide to buying rabbits

Rabbits for sale

The most important thing to do before you start the process of buying a rabbit is to decide if you are really ready for the commitment. It's easy to get excited when you see a sign advertising "rabbits for sale" and get carried away, buying your new … [Continue reading]

Are rabbits mammals?

How to breed rabbits

How much do you know about your pet rabbit? The more you know, the better you can look after your pet. One of the things you may be wondering is; are rabbits mammals? It may seem a bit weird to think of a bunny as being in the same animal class … [Continue reading]

What do rabbits eat? What do wild rabbits eat?

What do rabbits eat?

Have you ever asked yourself, "what do rabbits eat?". Well, rabbits are herbivores. That means that they feed on grass and other types of plant. You should never be tempted to give your pet rabbit some of the foods that you eat, such as crisps or … [Continue reading]

Rabbit Facts: 10 facts about rabbits!

Rabbit Facts

Plenty of people have a rabbit for a pet. Between 1% and 2% of homes in the United States have a rabbit in them; that’s a lot of bunnies! But how much do we actually know about rabbits? Rabbits are cute and fun to have around, that’s for sure. … [Continue reading]